White House: Members Of the Maduro Regime are Concerned about Sanctions Imposed

During my visit to Washington DC, sent by EVTV Miami to do several journalistic jobs, I was able to talk from the White House with Helen Aguirre Ferr├ę, media director and special assistant to President Donald Trump. The issue from start to finish: Venezuela and the position of the United States government on the crisis that crosses the country.

The official said that US Does not seek to hurt the Venezuelan people, on the contrary, are seeking other measures ┬źbeyond to help Venezuelans to return to their country to reign human rights and respect for constitutional institutions.┬╗

Asked what these sanctions are that the federal government seeks ┬źbeyond┬╗ and if the name of Diosdado Cabello is put on the table, she said that ┬źmembers of the Maduro regime are not mocking behind closed doors, rather they are very concerned by the sanctions that have been established and those that are to come, we do not rule out any option.┬╗