«United States uses legal and diplomatic actions to support the Venezuelan people»

venezolanos en miami estados unidos

Speaking with Lydia Barraza, spokeswoman for the United States Department of State, she said that the current crisis in Venezuela must be resolved by the Venezuelan people through the right to peaceful protest. «It must be the Venezuelans who decide the future of their country through the democratic expression according to the constitution».

She indicated that the most recent sanctions of the Treasury Department against eight justices of the Supreme Court of Justice of the southern country are not directly related to the Venezuelan people and its economy. «The sanctions are not against the Venezuelan people nor against the Venezuelan economy, they are against eight judges of the TSJ that tried to usurp the powers of the National Assembly».

Barraza explained that the United States uses legal and diplomatic actions to support the Venezuelan people in the task of rescuing the country’s democracy.

Since February the US Treasury Department In consultation with the State Department, have imposed new sanctions on Venezuelan officials, including Venezuela’s executive vice president Tareck El Aissami, accused of having ties to international drug trafficking. The latest conviction was imposed on officials of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, including its president Maikel Moreno and the former president of the institution, Gladys Gutiérrez.