Jorge Agobian

Jorge Agobian is a journalist based in Washington DC, born and raised in Venezuela. His coverage of U.S. Foreign Policy toward the Western Hemisphere has gained notoriety in Washington and the region, and reactions from several Latin American governments and leaders.

Jorge is the first Venezuelan to cover the White House and the youngest Latino reporting on the Biden administration from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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TV & Radio

Jorge has reported live for roughly a hundred radio and television stations in more than 16 Latin American countries and the United States.

US Politics

His coverage is focused on foreign policy toward the Western Hemisphere and Latino-immigration issues. Previously, he covered Capitol Hill and the State Department.


Jorge is passionate about multimedia production. He writes, records and edits content in different formats.

“As international correspondents, our job is to provide a broad and contextualized view of what is happening”

Jorge Agobian's work has been cited or published in: