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US Official: “A New Era of impactful and Decisive Measures” on Venezuela


A senior official of the Trump administration told Voz de America that the United States will begin a new stage of pressure against the Venezuelan government, led by President Nicolás Maduro.

“Until now we have had a policy of interest for our officials and specific objectives. I think it’s fair to say that this era is over, a new era of impactful and decisive measures is what we are studying now, “he said.

The United States rejected the presidential election that took Nicolás Maduro in power on May 20, 2018, and went ahead as president on Thursday, January 10.

The official said that these new measures will be announced in the coming weeks and months, and will seek to “ensure that the regime does not have resources to oppress the Venezuelan people and to exacerbate the refugee crisis.”

He clarified that these actions are a series of “diplomatic, political and economic tools”, and that all sectors related to the Venezuelan government are under consideration, including the oil industry.

A “military option” is not within those considerations, the high official responded to VOA. However, when asked about the request made by US senators to consider Venezuela as a sponsoring country for terrorism, he replied that it is an option that “is on the table.”

In Caracas, the Venezuelan government calls the US sanctions “interventionist” and argues that Washington is managing a “coup d’Ă©tat” to overthrow President Maduro.

Disappointed with Mexico

On the decision of Mexico, the only country of the Lima Group that did not accompany a joint declaration of ignorance to President Maduro, the official called it “disappointing”.

“The United States and Mexico have points of agreement and disagreement, and that is one in which we strongly disagree,” he said.


This article was originally published in my Spanish version website.

White House: Members Of the Maduro Regime are Concerned about Sanctions Imposed

During my visit to Washington DC, sent by EVTV Miami to do several journalistic jobs, I was able to talk from the White House with Helen Aguirre Ferré, media director and special assistant to President Donald Trump. The issue from start to finish: Venezuela and the position of the United States government on the crisis that crosses the country.

The official said that US Does not seek to hurt the Venezuelan people, on the contrary, are seeking other measures “beyond to help Venezuelans to return to their country to reign human rights and respect for constitutional institutions.”

Asked what these sanctions are that the federal government seeks “beyond” and if the name of Diosdado Cabello is put on the table, she said that “members of the Maduro regime are not mocking behind closed doors, rather they are very concerned by the sanctions that have been established and those that are to come, we do not rule out any option.”