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Jorge Agobian is a journalist based in Washington DC, born and raised in Venezuela. He is the White House Correspondent for the Voice of America’s Spanish branch. As one of the youngest Latino and first Venezuelans covering the beat permanently, his coverage of US foreign policy toward the Western Hemisphere has gained credit and notoriety in dozens of countries in the region.

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At Least three Agreements with Guatemala and Mexico, and The White House Preparing Sanctions Against Ortega

At least three agreements will be signed by Vice President Kamala Harris with the governments of Guatemala and Mexico during her first international trip, revealed senior advisor at the White House’s National Security Council, Juan González, in an interview with Voice of America. The official also announced that the Biden Administration is already analyzing sanctions against the government of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua in response to the arrest of opposition leaders.

SEEN AT: CNN, New York Times, El Mundo, Infobae, and several media outlets in Latin America.

Published originally at VOA.

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I am Jorge Agobian: human being, Venezuelan, journalist, emigrant. In that order my life has passed until this moment. I created this website to share what I do, what they do, what I say and what they say. Here you can find interviews, reports and also a little of what I do every day. In my social networks I show myself as I am: on Twitter, as a typical journalist who does not waste 280 characters to inform, and on Instagram as a human being, close and thoughtful. [More about me]

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I am a reporter from Voice of America in Washington. I work for a Spanish-speaking audience in the United States and throughout Latin America. In the Spanish version you can find all the work I do.

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“United States uses legal and diplomatic actions to support the Venezuelan people”

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Speaking with Lydia Barraza, spokeswoman for the United States Department of State, she said that the current crisis in Venezuela must be resolved by the Venezuelan people through the right to peaceful protest. “It must be the Venezuelans who decide the future of their country through the democratic expression according to the constitution”.

She indicated that the most recent sanctions of the Treasury Department against eight justices of the Supreme Court of Justice of the southern country are not directly related to the Venezuelan people and its economy. “The sanctions are not against the Venezuelan people nor against the Venezuelan economy, they are against eight judges of the TSJ that tried to usurp the powers of the National Assembly”.

Barraza explained that the United States uses legal and diplomatic actions to support the Venezuelan people in the task of rescuing the country’s democracy.

Since February the US Treasury Department In consultation with the State Department, have imposed new sanctions on Venezuelan officials, including Venezuela’s executive vice president Tareck El Aissami, accused of having ties to international drug trafficking. The latest conviction was imposed on officials of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, including its president Maikel Moreno and the former president of the institution, Gladys Gutiérrez.

Venezuelan crisis was discussed in Miami by representatives of more than 20 countries of the world

Internation Forum about Venezuela

During May 4 and 5, in Miami, deputies, politicians and ministers from more than 20 countries of the world met in order to discuss the crisis in Venezuela. The Freedom Forum, sponsored by the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation of Sweden and The International Democratic Union (IDU), opened the space to address the concern of nations about the escalation of violence and repression that is lived in the streets of the main cities of the southern country.

The international commission was composed of officials and former officials from Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Spain, the United States, Guatemala, Paraguay, El Salvador, Argentina, Venezuela and others.

Among the representatives who expressed their concern is the Secretary of Parliamentary Relations of Argentina, Paula Maria Bertol, who spoke on the escalation of human rights violations by Venezuelan state security agencies, controlled by the regime of Nicolas Maduro .

The high Argentine official said that President Macri has been emphatic in the defense of the protesters, claiming that there is justice, interceded by international organizations, but above all to continue denouncing the abuses and human rights violations that exist.

In representation of Venezuela, Carlos Vecchio, national coordinator of the Voluntad Popular party, Carlos Berrisbeitia, deputy of the National Assembly and Mitzy Capriles de Ledezma, wife of the metropolitan mayor and political prisoner, Antonio Ledezma, joined the discussion. They explained from their testimonies that the international community has done much to create pressure on Nicolas Maduro’s regime, but they urged member countries of the forum to continue to support the Venezuelan people.

“These are critical but decisive moments for Venezuela, we need the support of all of you,” said Vecchio, who is the international leader of the party founded by political prisoner, Leopoldo López.

Among the conclusions of the discussion days of the forum, he emphasizes the firm position of the present officials to continue pressing to the international organisms to defend the Venezuelan population that adds more than a month of uninterrupted protest to demand general elections and the attachment to the thread Constitutional and democratic in the country.

Foto: José Félix Scaramazza

Foto: José Félix Scaramazza
Foto: José Félix Scaramazza

Foto: José Félix Scaramazza
Foto: José Félix Scaramazza

Foto: José Félix Scaramazza
Foto: José Félix Scaramazza

Foto: José Félix Scaramazza
Foto: José Félix Scaramazza